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I've been drawing since I was a toddler, able to pick up a crayon. I wouldn't call myself amazing or great but I fancy myself as being pretty good. Though I'd call myself good I didn't start getting good until I got into high school. My craft is still taking shape. I've started doing Pony art which is surprisingly more challenging than I thought, the characters being way more cartoony than what I am experienced with. Still I love it. Current stuff on my account is BETA, these are just rough drafts. I will improve and once I am confident in my skills at drawing them as they appear in the show then I will start molding my own style into them. You know, use this as a chance to figure out form and structure before going into detail.

My profile image was done by :iconthenornonthego:

Prize-Azuna-Stamp by Supremechaos918


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EbonyManta Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
Hey. I only recently came across Azure, and was surprised by the quantity and quality of the various Azuna images I found. So I found my way here, and I want to say I am very interested in this pair. Is there any kind of story you have for Azure and Luna, especially on who Azure is? I'm a very story-oriented person when it comes to art. I love art with context behind it.
The1King Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why thank you. And yes there is quite a story for Azure Night. I know I should consider putting it all down as a fanfic but I never do get around to it. However if you are willing to bear with me I can give you a good idea of what it is in this comment thread if you so wish.
EbonyManta Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016
I do, I very much do! I do wonder if we should take it to notes, but perhaps if it's here others can read it. Your choice!

I would like to say this - this is the first time I can think of that I've actually considered adding an OC to my headcanon.

Also, Azuna sounds like a great name for a fantasy character.
The1King Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Anywho. It's difficult to explain Azure's backstory without, well, a bit of backstory. I will do this in parts as it'll be easier on both of us and after each you are free to ask questions. So let us begin.

A thousand years ago or so, in the land that is now known as Equestria, was a wilderness. Before the pegasi, unicorns and earth ponies settled their differences and created the nation of Equestria, the land was inhabited by an older breed of pony that were known only as the Nights. They share some similarities to the different races of pony, they have their "unicorns" "pegasi" and "earth" pony variants, however they still had key differences that distinguished them from their Equestrian counterparts. Every Night had tufts of fur at the end of their ears, their "unicorns" had slightly curved horns, the "earth ponies" had long tails ending it tufts of fur, and their "pegasi" had a clawed thumb on each of their wings. Legend had it that one of their ancestors mingled their blood with that of dragons to gain power, creating the kirin, but as the years passed this dwindled and they became the three separate types just described. The Nights were warriors at heart and felt they alone were strong enough to conquer the harsh lands they dwelled in. In fact they made the center of their society within the Everfree Forest as only the strongest could survive in it. 

They had lived as they had for centuries, but then the Equestrians came and founded their own nation. Of course the Nights' first instinct was that they were being invaded and so approached the earth, pegasi and unicorns, armed and ready. They demanded to know what they were doing on their lands, to which the Equestrians explained their predicament. Although many Nights felt they should run them out of their lands, their leaders agreed to allow the Equestrians to build, so long as they stayed away from the Everfree. The agreement was made between the Equestrians and Nights and so began a tense truce. The Equestrians couldn't help but see the Nights as feral savages and the Nights couldn't help but see the weaker features of the Equestrians (their pegasi didn't have claws, their unicorns had shorter rounder horns and their earth ponies were shorter) In time the Equestrians showed some difficulties settling their new land, and although the Nights were not entirely down for helping those that couldn't help themselves, some of them saw the advantages in a relationship with Equestrians. As the Equestrians were not familiar with the land and since their new nation did not yet have it's own military, the Nights offered to serve as guides and mercenaries in exchange for goods. Soon the relationship grew as both came to rely on each other.

This changed though when Equestria finally found their royalty, Celestia and Luna. The use of the Nights fell as the Two Sisters proved capable protectors. As such the Nights slunk back to their Forest to be left alone. Then the Two Sisters decided they wanted to build their castle there. Many Nights saw this is as the ultimate act of treachery as they were promised that the Equestrians would stay out. When the Nights approached the Sisters to openly declare war, the Nights were overwhelmed by what they saw. They had never seen an alicorn before, let alone two. Because of that they hesitated and approached more warily. When the Nights told the Sisters that they had violated the agreement between the Nights and Equestrians, an act that the Nights would be more than willing to punish. But being in the presence of two alicorns put them a bit more on edge for even these brave warriors were not sure how to handle the situation. But when the Sisters told them about the Tree and all that they wanted was to build their castle near it, the Nights caved in. They knew of the Tree of Harmony and didn't think any but a Night could actually reach it. The elders of the Nights saw this as a sign of some importance and so they allowed the Sisters to build their castle and live there (with reluctance).

But as the Sisters did the protecting of Equestria, the Nights fell to disuse and soon they began to de-militarize themselves. Some ventured into Equestrian society, mingled and lived among them. Their way of life was in decline, until the day when Discord came to Equestria. He rampaged all across the land, bringing havoc to Equestria. The Nights at first felt they'd leave the Equestrians to their devices, but still their need to fend of intruders was too great and soon all Nights from across Equestria banded together to fight Discord. As they made their approach, they witnessed the event that would change them forever. The Two Sisters standing up to Discord, alone. Using magics that the Nights knew not, they managed to turn him to stone. They were awestruck by what they had witnessed, particularly they were struck by the younger of the Two Sisters, Princess Luna. While Celestia may have been favored by much of Equestria, Luna exemplified what the Nights cherished most, and given her association with the night (as she raised the moon) it was only natural that they saw her as nothing less than a goddess. They asked her, begged her, pleaded with her to allow them to her personal guards, they wished to serve her in the only way they knew how. Luna thanked them for their offer, but declined as she, like her sister, believed that she and her sister were more than enough to protect Equestria and didn't wish to have a military force. Disheartened, but not dissuaded, ever Night stood before her and pledged their undying loyalty and those of their descendants to her to death and beyond. This did upset her to an extent, but she admired their determination.

For a time, the Nights silently aided her in guarding Equestria during the evening. Though not under her direct command and not with her permission, they did what they could to keep the evening hours safe. Then came that fateful night when Luna became Nightmare Moon and was banished within the moon. The Nights were hanging around their compound within the Everfree when they heard a commotion coming from the Castle. Of course they thought something was wrong and so they rushed to investigate. The three that reached there first managed to witness Celestia using the Elements to defeat Nightmare Moon. Of course they knew not what happened prior but given the circumstances they assumed that Celestia had turned on Luna. Immediately they were outraged and the three Nights charged at Celestia with true killing intent. Weakened from her ordeal, Celestia was in no condition to fight them off so she escaped by teleporting immediately to Canterlot. The three Nights returned to the others to relay what they witnessed. Every Night became enraged at what had happened, so they armed themselves and marched on Canterlot to take Celestia's head as revenge for what she did to their beloved goddess. When they reached Canterlot they found that the citizens were armed as well. Though there was no military in Equestria, these citizens armed themselves with what ever they could to defend their princess whom had told them that the Nights were most certainly coming. It was a long and bloody night. The Equestrians showed bravery that the Nights didn't know they had, but they were no soldiers and it wasn't long before they managed to push the defenders back to City Hall where Celestia was. Just as they were about to break the door down, it opened revealing the one pony none of them expected. It was a Night, Lone Star, the best swords pony the Nights had produced in generations. He then took out the Night Elders and forced the rest of the Nights to put down their arms. Celestia then appeared out of the City Hall doors, Lone Star had betrayed them. The Nights were subsequently exiled from Equestria never to return. They left but vowed to return when the true princess returned. They formed a compound on the border of Equestria and waited.

Despite their hatred for Celestia and Equestria, they never forgot their vow to Luna and continued to protect Equestria from it's borders from any invaders and monsters. For 1000 years they did this, all the time waiting for their princess to return so they might come back to their homeland and serve her to what ever end she wished.
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Raptore1917 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016
didn't willy wonka kill all the children.
EQ7-2521 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
"Uhhh, hey! That's a good point! I'm not Willy Wonka. I'm Pogo! Pogo the Clown! He's good with kids!"
The1King Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Not in the books.
animehero64 Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016
Do you have a PayPal account so I can some day ask or my commission on Equestria Girls?
The1King Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes I do.
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