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Tea Leaf Sketch *(Prize)* by The1King
Autumn's Coffee *(Prize)* by The1King
Just a plain ol' sketch commission. The 50 points gets you one character, if you want 2 or more you'll need to pay 50 more points for each you want. Ponies, humans, dragons, what ever you want, I'll see what I can do. Saucy or safe is fine but don't expect me to be able to give you anything too explicit cause....well, there are rules. Even though I don't care, DA does.
Pony Cards
The Watchful Queen of Spades: Princess Luna by The1King
The Hardworking Jack of Diamonds: Applejack by The1King
The Daydreaming Seven of Hearts: Lyra Heartstrings by The1King
The Diplomatic King of Hearts: Shining Armor by The1King
It's only a partial single character however you are more than welcome to choose the suit and number (or they could even be a Jack, King, Queen, Ace or Joker). You're more than welcome to also decide the theme. For example, the Spades are Medieval Europe, Diamonds are Ancient Roman, Hearts are 17-18th Century France and Clubs are Feudal Japan. You are not restricted to these though so you can for example give them a Warhammer 40K theme if you wanted. Even if the character is already set up in my deck with a suit and number, I don't mind doing a canon character again in a new way, just don't expect it to wind up in the actual deck later on XD. Hell, at this point I might be alright with doing non MLP characters.
Single Character w/ White BG
Brightlight *(Trade)* by The1King
Corporal Xalcer *(Contest)* by The1King
Cyelon Tea's Tea *(Trade)* by The1King
Humanized Tiara Colour   *Contest Entry* by The1King
Azure by The1King
Princess Luna: Black Booty Beauty by The1King
These can be an OC or Canon. I'd just need a reference image and a description of what you have in mind. Human, dragon, teddy bears, quad, anthro, SFW or NSFW, MLP, what ever, it makes no real difference to me, don't think that just because most of my gallery is MLP related that it's all I do. I'm adventurous enough to try anything.
Single Character w/ Full Colored BG
Prism's Game Night *(Trade)* by The1King
Pon3 Con *Ponies in Space* Poster by The1King
Eris Enjoying the Sunset by The1King
The Two Sides of Azure Night by The1King
Night of the Blood Moon by The1King
Card Stock's 200th by The1King
Similar to the white BG version but these can be simply colored backgrounds or you can ask for scenery as well. I ask only to keep it kinda simple XD. They can be really what ever, I'm adventurous so don't feel like it's just MLP that I do. Saucy is fine, nudity is fine, but as per the rules I can't have it get too heated (even if it is just a single character).
Two-Four Characters
ClutterXTrack *(Gift)* by The1King
Cuddles with Bing  *(Trade)* by The1King
Defenders of the Night by The1King
ArtemisXEris Nuzzles by The1King
The Night Before Easter *(Contest)* by The1King
Embrace the Night *(Contest)* by The1King
These can have white background or colored, if you want scenery please keep it simple on me. Up to four characters. Ponies, dragons, anthros, humans, what ever. Doesn't even need to be MLP. I can do saucy and some NSFW but I can't do straight up porn/clop because I'd rather not mess with DA rules. 300 just gets you 2 characters with a plain background, adding more to the background will cost 50 more points (or more depending on how elaborate) and for more than 2 characters I will be asking for an extra 100 each.




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United States
Commissions are open by Rittik Ask me about ATs by Rittik

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I've been drawing since I was a toddler, able to pick up a crayon. I wouldn't call myself amazing or great but I fancy myself as being pretty good. Though I'd call myself good I didn't start getting good until I got into high school. My craft is still taking shape. I've started doing Pony art which is surprisingly more challenging than I thought, the characters being way more cartoony than what I am experienced with. Still I love it. Current stuff on my account is BETA, these are just rough drafts. I will improve and once I am confident in my skills at drawing them as they appear in the show then I will start molding my own style into them. You know, use this as a chance to figure out form and structure before going into detail.

Commissions are open by Rittik Ask me about ATs by Rittik

Requests are closed by Rittik Ask me about collabs by Rittik

My DA Story

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 12, 2014, 12:51 AM

Well I noticed a few people doing this so I figured, why not? Might as well.

Technically I've had a Deviantart account for 3 years now but never really used it. I always intended to but things pretty much got away from me. To be honest, I forgot I even had it, but when I started doing fan art of MLP and that I was gonna try a stab at selling. I figured I should get a DA, get my name and work out in the public eye. Turns out I had one.

I've never been good with digital art and so all my work was done traditionally. Since I started doing MLP fan art I basically learned by trying to imitate the style. Looking back I am surprised that it was just over a year ago how far I came. I wasn't that good because not only was I drawing something I never did before (ponies) but I was also drawing in a much more simple style which felt strange to me.

Twilight Card by The1KingRainbow Dash Card by The1KingFluttershy Card by The1KingRarity Card by The1King

But I didn't really have any sort of following, mostly because I was unaware of how to gain an actual audience but also my work wasn't that great. But I did get a little head way at Pon3Con, the NebraskaBronies first ever convention in Omaha, Nebraska. I sold art work for the first time and I did fairly well all things considered. It was also where I began planning my future of trying to be a professional artist.
Thor: Pony God of Thunder by The1KingHumanized Rainbow Dash by The1KingSinging In the Chocolate Rain by The1King

It was at Pon3 Con that I realized what I was gonna do, in a way, I discovered my destiny. Since my pony cards sold so well I started calling myself Card Stock
Introducing Card Stock by The1King

It was also what made me realize what would be the most awesome product I could make and sell, that which I am most proud of, My Little Deck. I mean I sold cards mostly at the convention so it only made sense that I could possibly specialize in them. But why just do sketch cards? Why not an actual playing deck? I looked up such things on DA and other art websites and noticed that most had either MLP art on the backs with regular fronts or had the suits replaced with cutie marks. It was then that I realized that the best idea would be to make a complete deck of ponies, each card being a different character. This would make the deck unique and would make it a valuable collectable. It took months of preparing and figuring out how best to do it. The first thing I had to do was figure out which characters would be which cards. It took a lot of figuring out but after weeks I knew who was who and started making rough drafts.
Applejack the Jack Diamonds (Concept) by The1KingRainbow Dash the Jack Clubs (Concept) by The1KingPinkie Pie the Joker (Concept) by The1King
Fluttershy the Ace of Diamonds (Concept) by The1KingTwilight Sparkle the Ace Hearts (Concept) by The1KingRarity the Jack Hearts (Concept) by The1King

But as I am rather ADHD at times I got struck with a random, crazy idea, this idea would later become demonstrably my claim to fame. The one product I would gain the vast majority of my watchers and views, bringing me the traffic that I see today. Fluttershy and the Rainbow Factory. In fact this was one of the big things that kinda took me off track from my cards, but who could blame me with the devilishly genius idea?
Fluttershy and the Rainbow Factory by The1King

This comic came about simply when I watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the Hub almost a year ago now. It seemed harmless enough, just some fun nostalgia. However, whether by genius or insanity (perhaps both), when Gene Wilder (who played Willy Wonka) started singing "Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of pure imagination", it was like a thousand lights came on in my head. A seed was planted that grew and grew to the point that I could not contain it. In my own pure imagination, I saw Rainbow Dash wearing Wonka's suit and singing that song in the Rainbow Factory. In fact it was only a couple months ago I reached that point the comic where Dash sings my parody of Pure Imagination, to which a number of people showed some praise.
Fluttershy and the Rainbow Factory P.17 by The1KingFluttershy and the Rainbow Factory  P.18 by The1KingFluttershy and the Rainbow Factory P.19 by The1King

But before I get ahead of myself and simply talk of success, I do have to mention my failures. Around the same time I was devising my Rainbow Factory comic and my cards, I started degrading and doing what I never intended to do, ship my OC Azure Night with Princess Luna. I mean now I couldn't care less but at the time I felt uneasy about it. I created Azure Night a long time ago and where I did make him a member of the Lunar Guard I never intended to have him and Luna in a relationship. Sure he had a crush but I wanted it to be unrequited. It happened real fast, especially when I devised my shameful comic "Her Honor". It began innocently enough, I was formulating why there were so few Alicorns in Equestria. We knew by then that Twilight was made an Alicorn but we didn't know if this was true for Luna and Celestia. It was then I imagined it might be due to strange fertility of pure ones, those born Alicorns. In a matter of minutes I came up with an idea for a comic involving this, but in the end it seemed only to be a stupid excuse to ship Azure and Luna.
Her Honor page 1 by The1KingHer Honor page 2 by The1KingHer Honor page 3 by The1King

But in time I grew bored of it. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but like most of those kinds of ideas you realize how lame they were. Even though I did begin shipping Azure and Luna, even commissioning such images, I didn't lose sight of my other works. In fact I was given an excuse to do pony art even in my school activities. Most notably, my Twlight's Last Supper plate. It's simple really, you acid etch an image onto a copper plate which becomes a negative. When it's complete you can smear some ink on it, place it on some paper, run that through a press and you get a print of it. Old School Printing! It took literally days to complete, the entire etching process took me over 28 hours (I counted). And that's excluding the other processes such as the scraping off the ground so that the copper was exposed, the shading, the highlighting, etc. In the end I got a product I was very proud of and that my printmaking professor liked enough to give me an A.
Twilight Sparkle's Last Supper (First Print) by The1KingTwilight's Last Supper (Second Print) by The1King
Twilight Sparkle's Last Supper (Third Print) by The1KingTwilight Sparkle's Last Supper (Plate) by The1King

Things went smoothly from then on and soon enough Season 4 of MLP began and all kinds of new ideas were presented. Most notably the Premiere; Princess Twilight Sparkle. Those two episodes provided me with the idea to make a humorous comic of what lied within the chest. This comic was featured on Equestria Daily, an accomplishment I have unfortunately been unable to repeat. The comic however stands to this day as my most popular image with over 19K views and 343 favorites.
What's Inside? by The1King

By now it had been many months since I decided to make my card deck and I was no closer to having it ready. I made many drafts and had to scrap many ideas before I reached what I have now. The important thing was that I was finally ready to begin sharing them with the world. Unfortunately they are not quite completed but all that remains are the Aces and Jokers. 6 Remaining cards. As much as I am disappointed that they're not as popular as I'd like, I pray it is simply that people are as of yet unaware that I am actually going to make them into legit playing cards that people can purchase. Once their complete and I have the decks printed I hope that the reveal will increase their popularity.
Two's Company  (*Links to Cards Below*) by The1KingThree's Crowd (*Links to Cards Below*) by The1KingFour Corners (*Links Below*) by The1King
Fiesty Five (*Links Below*) by The1KingSix of One (*Links Below*) by The1KingLucky Sevens (*Links Below*) by The1King
The Ocho (*Links Below*) by The1KingNine Lives (*Links Below*) by The1KingTen Cardmandments (*Link Below*) by The1King
Jack of Trades by The1KingQueen's English by The1KingFit For Kings *(Links in the Description)* by The1King

It was for a very long time that I drew the characters the way I did, with colored markers as the outlines, my cards are still done this way to keep them cohesive and so that I don't have to redo them. But I realized that this method was getting expensive as I couldn't simply purchase individual colors, especially the ones I kept running out of. So I decided to try something different, I was going to just use ultra-fine tip sharpies for the outlines and see how it works. I experimented first with my Defenders of the Night, a crossover between Gargoyles and MLP featuring Broadway, Lexington and Brooklyn with Princess Luna.
Defenders of the Night by The1King

The end result I found impressive and a huge step up. But it would be sometime before I shifted all but my cards to this change in style.
The Night Before Easter *(Contest)* by The1KingI'm Home by The1KingBro Hoof   *(Contest Entry)* by The1King

Also around this time I figured that I was needing to explain my OC, Azure Night more, so I got to working on his Fan-fic. I was as yet unfamiliar with how people posted text here but I figured it out fairly quickly. Although it exists only as two chapters, in the future I hope to have it complete as it follows Azure's story so that hopefully he might be better understood as more than than the Gary Stu OC that I've heard a few call him. I put more thought into him than most realize and where on the outside he does seem just like another cliche' tragic hero, a knight in shining armor that wins the princess's heart, he is so much more.
A Night's Tale 1: Prelude
      The year was 967, by Night's Reckoning of course. It was a calm, moonlit night in a compound just a few miles off the border to Equestria and a hazardous land we called "The Waste". That's when and where I, Azure Night, was born. My mother, Sweet Dreams, often told me that it was the happiest moment of her life. She said she would always remember the smell of the cedar logs burning in the fire place, the sounds of my first cry and the shining of the full moon.  She was a kind unicorn, always looking out for me and greeting everyone with a smile. My father, Nightwatch, was quite different. He was the Lead Stallion of our herd and so he was responsible for every pony in the compound. He was stern and tough most of the times as well as always distant. The only time as a foal I knew he was paying any attention to me was when ever I'd pick up a stick and pretend to be a Night. I know now that he thought the world of me, but he was never good at showing it. It was h

Fairly recently I hosted a contest for Azure. It was to be the anniversary of when I first drew him (though not when I first conceived the idea of him. I recieved many great entries but in the end I chose those whom I felt showed the most promise and proved to me that they wanted to win.
!!Azure Night Contest Results!!! (Read Descrption) by The1King

But at last we come to present day. I am still working on Fluttershy and the Rainbow Factory, I am still finalizing my cards, but I am also getting really into doing trades, contests and commissions. I haven't been commissioned much but I have done plenty of trades and contests which I have received amazing rewards for my effort which I am unsure as to whether they really measure up. Despite having an account for over 3 years, I have only truly been active for a year and honestly, typing all this out and looking through my work, I feel a great sense of pride in how far I've come in that year.
A Princess and A Night on the Beach *(Contest)* by The1KingBurning Celestia *(Trade)* by The1KingMediaxGear *(Trade)* by The1KingDawn of Night *(Contest)* by The1King

Equestria Ghoul *(Prize)* by The1KingThe Spark of Battle *(Prize)* by The1KingMediaxGear *(Trade)* by The1King
Corporal Xalcer *(Contest)* by The1King                                                  Night of the Blood Moon by The1King

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