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Tea Leaf Sketch *(Prize)* by The1King
Diode's Surprise *Commission* by The1King
The Spark of Battle *(Prize)* by The1King
Just a plain ol' sketch commission. The 50 points gets you one character, if you want 2 or more you'll need to pay 50 more points for each you want. Ponies, humans, dragons, what ever you want, I'll see what I can do. Saucy or safe is fine but don't expect me to be able to give you anything too explicit cause....well, there are rules. Even though I don't care, DA does.
Pony Cards
The Watchful Queen of Spades: Princess Luna by The1King
The Diplomatic King of Hearts: Shining Armor by The1King
The Hardworking Jack of Diamonds: Applejack by The1King
The Daydreaming Seven of Hearts: Lyra Heartstrings by The1King
It's only a partial single character however you are more than welcome to choose the suit and number (or they could even be a Jack, King, Queen, Ace or Joker). You're more than welcome to also decide the theme. For example, the Spades are Medieval Europe, Diamonds are Ancient Roman, Hearts are 17-18th Century France and Clubs are Feudal Japan. You are not restricted to these though so you can for example give them a Warhammer 40K theme if you wanted. Even if the character is already set up in my deck with a suit and number, I don't mind doing a canon character again in a new way, just don't expect it to wind up in the actual deck later on XD. Hell, at this point I might be alright with doing non MLP characters.
Single Character w/ White BG
Brightlight *(Trade)* by The1King
Corporal Xalcer *(Contest)* by The1King
Cyelon Tea's Tea *(Trade)* by The1King
Humanized Tiara Colour   *Contest Entry* by The1King
Princess Luna: Black Booty Beauty by The1King
Loyal Wing Humanized *Contest* by The1King
These can be an OC or Canon. I'd just need a reference image and a description of what you have in mind. Human, dragon, teddy bears, quad, anthro, SFW or NSFW, MLP, what ever, it makes no real difference to me, don't think that just because most of my gallery is MLP related that it's all I do. I'm adventurous enough to try anything.
Single Character w/ Full Colored BG
Prism's Game Night *(Trade)* by The1King
Night of the Blood Moon by The1King
Card Stock's 200th by The1King
Nox Terrorem *(Contest)* by The1King
Equestria Ghoul *(Prize)* by The1King
Burning Celestia *(Trade)* by The1King
Similar to the white BG version but these can be simply colored backgrounds or you can ask for scenery as well. I ask only to keep it kinda simple XD. They can be really what ever, I'm adventurous so don't feel like it's just MLP that I do. Saucy is fine, nudity is fine, but as per the rules I can't have it get too heated (even if it is just a single character).
Two-Four Characters
ClutterXTrack *(Gift)* by The1King
Defenders of the Night by The1King
ArtemisXEris Nuzzles by The1King
The Night Before Easter *(Contest)* by The1King
Got Your Conk! by The1King
No Dice *(Contest)* by The1King
These can have white background or colored, if you want scenery please keep it simple on me. Up to four characters. Ponies, dragons, anthros, humans, what ever. Doesn't even need to be MLP. I can do saucy and some NSFW but I can't do straight up porn/clop because I'd rather not mess with DA rules. 300 just gets you 2 characters with a plain background, adding more to the background will cost 50 more points (or more depending on how elaborate) and for more than 2 characters I will be asking for an extra 100 each.



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I've been drawing since I was a toddler, able to pick up a crayon. I wouldn't call myself amazing or great but I fancy myself as being pretty good. Though I'd call myself good I didn't start getting good until I got into high school. My craft is still taking shape. I've started doing Pony art which is surprisingly more challenging than I thought, the characters being way more cartoony than what I am experienced with. Still I love it. Current stuff on my account is BETA, these are just rough drafts. I will improve and once I am confident in my skills at drawing them as they appear in the show then I will start molding my own style into them. You know, use this as a chance to figure out form and structure before going into detail.

My profile image was done by :iconthenornonthego:

Prize-Azuna-Stamp by Supremechaos918
Alright folks listen up, the year 2014 is drawing to a close and what better way to send it off than a contest of the comic you all know and
love? That's right, I'm talking about Fluttershy and the Rainbow Factory. I am holding another contest but this time it's not quite so egotistical as involving an oc of mine. No, this time it's all about the Rainbow Factory!!!!!!!!!!

   rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony rainbow dash my little pony mlp brony 

Now then, you should easily understand the basic concept of the comic thus far, if you don't I suggest you go read it nao! 

Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory…

With that in mind you are welcome to submit just about anything so long as it has to do with the comic. This includes but is not limited to:

-:rainbow:  Cover Images for the comic
-:rainbow: Your own fan pages
-:rainbow:  Moments from your favorite scenes so far or yet to come.
-:rainbow: Lyrics to an Aappa Lossa song
-:rainbow:  A pegasus device design
-:rainbow:  Your own explanation for what's up with Dash's wonky eye *neh heh, get it? Wonky? Wonka?*
-:rainbow:  As the name of this journal suggests, you could always design a Rainbow Ticket that those lucky mares received to gain entry into the factory.

These are just a few ideas of what you might do but regardless of what you do, be creative. Think outside the box. Spongebob (Imagination) Remember that this is a mix of Rainbow Factory and Willy Wonka so try to combine as much whimsy and horror as you can. Crazy seizurish Twilight 

Anyway, before I get onto the prize list I do need to lay down some ground rules:

-:rainbow:  This contest will end on Seizure BulletSeizure Bullet !!!!!!!!!!!!DECEMBER 31ST AT MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!!Seizure BulletSeizure Bullet This means you have a little over a month to work on this so please don't waste your time. I will then judge them and announce the winners on Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!*****JANUARY 1ST*******Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U!Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! And start off the New Year with awesomeness. However bear in mind that the due date might change depending on how things go. I will let you all know though if something comes up.
-:rainbow:  Don't steal other people's work. Seriously, do your own work. Even if two people have the same idea, so long as you ensure it's your own and not an obvious rip off this shouldn't be an issue. 
-:rainbow:  All medias are acceptable (sketches, digital art, sculptures, paintings, writings, animations) but don't just throw something together in 5 seconds. Put some effort into it. I may check your gallery to compare your entry with your other work and if I don't feel that you at least tried that's gonna hurt your chances.
-:rainbow: Tying in with the last rule, I won't accept doll-maker images. I'm sorry if you don't feel like you are that good of an artist but please don't do this because these aren't your actual work, it's a game's. 
-:rainbow: Graphically violent images are acceptable as are sexual images (cause I'm sure you could pull something like that off, rule 34 and all) but just make sure it's within DA's guidelines. I'd hate to see some of you get flagged for this or worse.
-:rainbow: Have fun. I know that a lot of my watchers and some others who don't watch me that enjoy this comic (despite how rarely I update, sorry bout that) so I know how many of you have your own wonderful theories as to what's going on so this could be your chance to bring that vision to life and see how many others think the same. More than once I've had some of you joke that Rainbow Dash is an uchiha with the Sharingan cause of that eye, maybe you could draw that out. Or maybe you have an idea of what fate awaits the Mane 6, why not draw it out? A number of you were upset I didn't end the 1st Chapter with an Aappa Lossa song, how's about you write it out? There are loads of ways to enjoy this contest so think outside the box.
-:rainbow:  Now this isn't really a rule here so don't feel like you NEED to do this but if you advertise this contest by having a link to this journal in a journal or poll of your own, that'd be AWESOME. I don't demand this so don't feel like you need to. Also you don't NEED to be a watcher but you'd be pretty awesome if you were one winky icon for DA 

Now then we're getting to the part you all really want to know about. What prizes will you be winning?

First Place: 1,000 pointsPoints  and a free full colored drawing from me similar to this one:
Equestria Ghoul *(Prize)* by The1King

Second Place: 500 pointsPoints  and a free card drawing from me similar to this one:
The Manevolent Queen of Hearts *(Prize)* by The1King

Third Place: 250 pointsPoints  and a free sketch from me similar to this one:
The Spark of Battle *(Prize)* by The1King

Raffle Prizes: Two people will be randomly selected to receive a piece of art from :iconginia100: Once you submit your entry, you will be given a number which will be put into a random generator to decide who wins. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will not be eligible if enough people enter. 

There also might be some extra prizes depending on the number of participates. There might be a prize for best design, funniest, scariest, best effort, etc. It will all depend on the amount of entries I receive. Also I don't expect anyone to volunteer but if you're interested in possibly donating a prize please send me a note and we can discuss it. 

Remember now, you have until December 31st to submit so where I don't want you to rush, bear in mind that you do have plenty of time so use your time wisely. Good luck.
                                Success fella (Reactions) 
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I'm not usually one to ask for donations but I figured, why not? You don't need to donate but I honestly, truly, appreciate it if you do.

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